Zeugin der Anklage - Gerichtsdrama von Agatha Christie

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In the organizer's words:

THE courtroom drama by Agatha Christie

Leonard Vole is accused of the murder of a rich widow. His motive seems clear: the elderly lady had left him her entire fortune. His lawyer, Sir Wilfried Robarts, is firmly convinced of Vole's innocence and fights tooth and nail to keep his client from being convicted. The twists and turns pick up speed when Vole's wife Christin, makes a surprising statement. This unexpected move seems to seal the fate of Leonard Vole.

Sir Wilfrid, who clings to Vole's innocence, faces a seemingly insurmountable challenge. But then, when all seems lost, an unknown woman brings a shocking twist to the case.

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21.00 € - 39.00 €


Berliner Kriminal Theater Palisadenstraße 48 10243 Berlin