Dortmunder Kronen Schockmeisterschaft
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Dortmunder Kronen Schockmeisterschaft

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In the location's words:

Stößchen without Schocken? That's like French fries without a barrier, a bar without a Trallafitti, a round of pubs without Spökes. Or like Dortmund without crowns - simply unimaginable. For all those who love their city for these special features, we will establish a new tradition: Wanted are the best of the best with cup and dice, playing for the first KRONEN shock championship. And of course for great prizes!

With the dice game of the district, we want to bring people of all nations and genders, ages and interests together at bars and tables - especially in Dortmund. That's exactly why we love our hometown, just like its diverse pub scene, its dedicated landlords and its colorfully mixed guests. The Schocken has always been about the next beer: the competition is usually about who gets to give the convivial round a pint - but for us, it's about who we can name as the Schocken champion in Dortmund!

Sign up, each participant only has to register for one preliminary round. And of course the beer is on us!

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