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Small but fine lovers' concerts

The Feine Gesellschaft is a young collective that organizes a colorful cultural program in bars, clubs or off-locations in different corners of Dortmund since 2014: Lovers concerts with international and local bands from the indie & songwriter area, parties with special charm and occasionally a reading, magic show or a pub night with a fine theme.

It all started in 2014: Niklas Blömeke and Felix Japes brought Canadian artist Kalle Mattson and Dino Joubert on stage as support on April 30 at Sissikingkong. This first jointly organized concert was an immediate success. And so it was quickly clear to the two initiators that they wanted to continue with their idea of stylish indie concerts in Dortmund.

Six concerts in only three months

In October of the same year, they therefore founded Feine Gesellschaft. Originally, only one concert per month was planned in a series of events in cooperation with the cultural office of the city of Dortmund. However, so many suitable requests fluttered into the mailbox of the boys that they went beyond the scope: By December they had already put on six concerts with artists from five different nations.

And the interest in the concerts was huge - not only in Dortmund and the surrounding cities, but as far away as Münster, Cologne, Bonn and Aachen. In addition, the concert series " FZW Indie Night" was created in 2015 in cooperation with the FZW. So the Feine Gesellschaft then came in that year to 23 concerts at seven different venues with artists from eleven different nations.

Julien Baker brought to the stage in the backyard of the HEJ Store.

The efforts were rewarded in 2016 in Cologne with an "APPLAUS" (award for the programming of independent venues) in category III, presented by the Minister of Culture Prof. Monika Grütters. That year, Adrian Krummel also joined as the third man. Thus, a total of 20 concerts at seven different venues with artists from seven nations were listed in the program booklet of the Fine Society. Particularly memorable was the concert in the backyard of the HEJ Store in June: over 350 people watched the performance of the previously completely unknown US songwriter Julien Baker.

After a break in 2019, the guys - now four with the addition of Simon Stücker - returned to the stage in the early part of 2020 with fresh vigor and many exciting bands. Then, however, Corona slowed down not only the Dortmund cultural scene.

Many cooperations and symbioses - low ticket prices

But now - in April 2022 - the situation seems to be relaxing again. "Despite all the euphoria and anticipation of the upcoming concerts, we remain very cautious," says Felix Japes of Feine Gesellschaft. "Without the support of the Economic Development of the City of Dortmund and other supporters, small enthusiast concerts with lesser-known artists* would not be possible at the moment."

Feine Gesellschaft really tries to make a difference in the cultural scene of our city: it is in active exchange with other concert organizers and venues in Dortmund and enters into many cooperations. In this way, everyone can profit from each other and use symbioses for their own benefit - that's great! Since the Feine Gesellschaft mainly organizes newcomer concerts, the ticket prices are also very reasonable with around 10 euros in advance.

Tip: Definitely visit a concert without listening in advance and let yourself be surprised!

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