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Good advice at Weinblatt

In the Weinblatt on Schüruferstraße there are over 300 wines from all over the world, other alcoholic delicacies and a delicious delicatessen department. So that you do not get lost there is still Ralf. He has owned the store for more than 25 years. And Ralf is not only always on the lookout for the best bottle of wine, but also helps you find the perfect bottle for every occasion. Whether vegan, FairTrade, organic or a very unusual bottle. Ralf has everything there and what is not there, he can get! Guaranteed! "My regular customers appreciate the good advice," Ralf tells proudly. And he can be. Because through his knowledge of wine and his good understanding of people and pleasure, he unerringly reaches for the best bottle and makes his customers happy. But you won't just get good advice on wine here. Ralf also knows his way around whiskey, gin and delicacies.

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