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Philosophizing means finding your bearings in a challenging reality. The phil.COLOGNE philosophy festival would like to do just that together with you: reflect, acknowledge complexities, question your own point of view and perhaps create the conditions to look positively into the future. For the twelfth time, we are celebrating exchange and thinking.
We would like to thank all guests who enrich this unique festival of ideas with their words and thoughts and all partners who make such a forum possible.

We are looking forward to the following events, among others: Navid Kermani and Natan Sznaider will talk about war and peace in the strife-torn Middle East, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann will discuss Europe's role in a changing world order with Florian Schroeder, Robert Menasse will sketch out visions of Europe's future beyond nations, and Eva Illouz will speak about the situation in Israel after October 7, 2023.
The festival will also focus on Immanuel Kant: Lea Ypi, Omri Boehm and Daniel Kehlmann as well as Markus Gabriel and Karina Theurer will talk about the legacy and relevance of the Königsberg thinker.

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