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In the artist's words:

"Badmómz, yes, you know the name. Teen Queen like Steffi Graf." Her rise is rapid. With her fiery red hair and a confident appearance, Badmómzjay attracts attention in no time at all. But for the rapper, born Jordan Napieray in 2002, the signs point more towards bourgeoisie than stardom. She grew up in narrow-minded circumstances in Brandenburg an der Havel. "Everyone knows everyone, everyone talks and if you're different like me, you stand out even more," she says in an interview with Deluxe Music. She came out about her bisexuality at the age of thirteen. With her openness, she helps those who have similar experiences. "I get so many messages saying that I'm taking away people's fear of coming out to their family," says the rapper happily, "It shows that I'm having an impact on people and using my voice properly."

But first she has to break out of the constricted petty bourgeoisie herself. Self-confident female role models such as Saweetie and Nicki Minaj broaden her horizons. And the veterans of US rap Dr. Dre, Missy Elliot and Aaliyah also influenced her. With her purple hair, she attracts her first followers on Instagram. Monet192 invites her to record her first professional song "Papi" on his "T'es pas toimême EP". Universal Music quickly took notice of the newcomer and signed her to a contract. The single "24/7" heralded the start of Badmómzjay's solo career at the end of 2019.

The following year went from strength to strength. The rapper released a song almost every month. No fewer than five songs made it into the German singles charts. The "18" EP summarizes her first musical steps once again. Anyone who climbs the career ladder so quickly also attracts opponents. But Badmómzjay doesn't really care if rivals work their way up to her. "I'm not someone who focuses on hate. I see that the amount of love is much greater and that's all I look at". The award for best newcomer at the Awards, the New Faces Award and the award for "Best German Act" at the MTV Europe Music Awards follow as if to confirm this.

Although Badmómzjay herself has only just come of age, the time seems ripe for her first album. After the first single "Badmómz." her second single "Tu Nicht So" even landed on the FIFA 22 soundtrack. With the songs "Checkst Du?!", "Sterne Unterm Dach" and "Hahaha", she prepares her fans step by step for her debut album. Badmómzjay focuses on female empowerment with confident flows. But she also reflects on herself. She comments on anxiety and painful losses in a whisper or with the courage to sing. On November 26, she will make her mark on German rap history with "Badmómz." she will immortalize herself in German rap history. "Top 3 of all rappers here, top 2 in terms of sex appeal, after this year I'm the best here." Her first headlining tour in 2022 was completely sold out.

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