Marno Howald
PHOTO: © Johann Ebend

Marno Howald

In the artist's words:

Whether concert hall, cultural association or pub, he has the right songs in his luggage.

The tongue-in-cheek, polarizing singer-songwriter from Bremen gets to the heart of the matter musically and lyrically! He doesn't allow himself to be directed in terms of style or content. On the contrary, he doesn't mince his words and ironically and humorously calls a spade a spade. Marno Howald has already performed on stage with artists such as Konstantin Wecker and is an unusual musician who outlines his songs with his individual, authentic and sometimes sarcastic signature. It's not that he can be musically pinned down to one genre, as that would only hinder his creativity. Nevertheless, you can sense his own style in the way he writes his lyrics and the topics he addresses. Sometimes with a smile at the corner of his mouth, sometimes with melancholy, but sometimes with the unvarnished truth.
He is ironic, humorous, critical, cheeky, questioning, answering, loving and suffering, autobiographical and romantic. Surprising in any case! You never know whether he's being mischievous or whether a political topic is being sketched out "wickedly". But it's not just musically that he seems to be restless. In 2020, Marno Howald published a book of songs and poems. This was followed in 2021 by his first novel, "Otto's Shadow"

Marno on the songwriter:

I think that as a songwriter and poet, it is of existential importance to surrender to your feelings and trust them. After all, it's those feelings that create something artistic, so why should I ignore them?

I love what I do.
It's so incredibly liberating to be passionate.
I always wanted to be a singer-songwriter, but I never pursued that goal seriously enough. So it's probably thanks to a chain of unfortunate and fortunate events that I finally became one.
With over 70 songs now, all about life, love and politics, I've been moving from one stage to the next ever since and I hope to continue doing so for a very long time...

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