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Ferdinand Kirch aka nand. 23 years old. Music is a topic in the Kirch household from an early age. Mom sings a lot, Dad plays the guitar a lot. At the age of 9, young nand was already taking trumpet lessons. At the age of 10, he also took piano lessons. Consequently active in big band and orchestra during school years. Involved intensively with classical music at a young age, shifts his interest in adolescence towards house, electro and rap. At university, inspired by the 'arty' environment of his architecture studies, he expands his horizons in the direction of NDW, soundwave and above all synthpop. Progressive and international music are also high on his agenda. He soaks it all up, can hardly get enough of new genres and styles.

Starts producing music for the first time at 16 on his parents' iMac at home. From the first attempt very diverse: From piano pieces to dark techno beats, trap beats, soundwave, RnB, soul, etc.. This shows what could already be seen in the Kevin Parkers (Tame Impala) and the James Blakes: with the digitalization grew up a generation of artists and producers who could absorb the diverse music catalog of human history since early childhood. Early musical education, digital access, and modern sequencer programs make it possible for early 20-somethings to produce with such astonishing precision, versatility, and authenticity in a variety of genres.

During his studies, nand then also discovers his voice, begins to sing his own lyrics, develops the know-how of vocal recording and the self-confidence to show his first own songs to his friends. The trained ear helps of course, perhaps also the fact that he now plays the trumpet at professional level, in any case, nand also hits the notes when singing. A stroke of fate then becomes the initial spark.

"Due to the death of my mother, who always wanted me to sing, I decided to finally give it a try. So my first song "By your side" was created , which canstill be heard today on 'Soundcloud'. The song is still written in English because I couldn't imagine writing German lyrics with my barely existing writing skills. But my friends were super excited and surprised how well my voice works with my self-made beats and told me I should definitely continue."

For now, however, things remain turbulent - after breaking up with his first girlfriend, the young student moves from Würzburg to Cologne for a year and throws himself completely into music, writing manic lyrics, producing the debut album "gutgehen" within a week. An operation forces him into a hospital bed for a few weeks, the laptop is always with him.

"I was pretty much alone in the city and had to deal with my surroundings as well as with myself. That's where the music helped me a lot, being like my diary in both good and bad moments. It was a classic change of perspective that did me good."

In January 2020, "Wohlfühlen" will be released without support from a label, without a PR team, without a marketing budget. Simply a DIY release via streaming portals. "Wohlfühlen" quickly picks up steam, people follow nand on social media, put the track in their playlists. Eventually, a management team takes notice. TV placements quickly follow, advertising requests, nand is invited to the renowned 'Reeperbahn Festival'.

"For a long time, I kept having dreams in my sleep of standing in front of a crowd and singing my own lyrics and everyone singing along. Then when I had my first gig in February 2020, the place was completely full and everyone sang along and knew the lyrics. That was a dream come true for me. From then on, I realized that you can achieve anything you want if you stick with it, push through and do your own thing."

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