Stefan Hasselmann
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Stefan Hasselmann

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Wenn die Party zu Ende ist - Stefan Hasselmann

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In the artist's words:

With clever lyrics, catchy melodies and a smile in the corner of his eye, Stefan Hasselmann moves in the German-language singer-songwriter tradition, inspired by musicians such as Reinhard Mey, Sven Regener and Felix Meyer. Each of his songs is an invitation to listeners to come with him to the seaside to organize their thoughts while gazing at the waves, to stroll through the city streets with an alert gaze, or to reflect on the longing for freedom or love over a glass of wine.

But increasingly, it is above all the theme of humanity that preoccupies the author and musician. How do people treat each other, especially in times of crisis, do they have something to say to each other and if so, in what words? Do we find each other in conversation, or is it more about self-forfeiture and separation?

A musical flaneur between chanson and blues, who sings stories about the little things and the big questions in life, revolving around the question: Do you want to live as a king or as a vagabond? And can only human love save us?

Whether solo with his guitar or with accompanying musicians, Stefan's concerts are always like an evening among friends that brings people together, makes them laugh or think and invites them to continue talking.

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