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Are you ready for a new musical trip? Then let me introduce you to TELESHOP - the hottest electro-pop band from Berlin that will spoil your ears!

If you're looking for a unique sound that combines electronic beats with catchy melodies, then TELESHOP is the band for you. These guys know how to create an atmosphere with their synth sounds and indie pop vibes that will simply sweep you away. From pulsating dancefloor tracks to dreamy ballads - TELESHOP offers everything your heart desires.

The Berlin duo TELESHOP has already established itself in the music scene and won the hearts of many music lovers with its successful collaboration on the Gift EP with DJ HEARTSTRING. The current releases Endlos and Nochmal are also the result of this collaboration. Their electronic club sound forms the basis on which the two tell their stories from everyday life. Between seemingly endless nights, heartbreak vibes and softboy aesthetics, Marc and Josh - friends since their youth - manage to strike a perfect balance between Eurodance, trap and rave culture.

TELESHOP's energetic live performances send audiences into ecstasy and leave lasting memories. Whether in small clubs or at big festivals - the guys know how to get the crowd going and deliver an unforgettable show.

TELESHOP has already been part of our Geheimkonzerte and won over the audience. Would you like to see Teleshop live? No problem! You can find all the band's upcoming concerts and gigs on our website and maybe they'll come to a Geheimkonzerte in your city. So grab your friends, get ready for a wild night full of good music and experience TELESHOP up close!

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