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Niederlande - Tua

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In the artist's words:

Tua is back. His new album "Eden" is about the search for a lost paradise that never existed - and the faint suspicion that it might already be on the way. "Weit und blau" is the beginning of this journey: a disarming song about reaching out for happiness.

For almost 20 years, Tua has been a truly exceptional phenomenon in the German music world. His album "Grau" is an improbable German rap classic that finally took the genre into a new era: melodic, multi-layered, full of emotional nuances. Most recently, Tua's self-titled album dealt with themes such as the paranoia of suburbia, the fractures of unconditional love and the death of his father. "Eden" picks up right where he left off, but with a different take on the course of so-called things. Brighter, more conciliatory, friendlier in the truest sense of the word. "This is a new era", sings Tua on the first single "Weit und blau", and this is to be understood programmatically. But anyone who knows him, as a musician and as a person, also knows that he doesn't make it that easy for himself. Because it's not that simple. And the simplicity lies more in recognizing that.

"Weit und blau" also represents this new era musically, which is really just a new interpretation. The song sounds like a Balearic daydream, a wonderfully never-ending car ride up to Tua's personal Cafe del Mar: somewhere between soft 90s melancholy, the nest warmth of noisy samples and the subtle euphoria of current UK house wave. It is probably the most obviously hit song that Tua has ever written. And it shows that depth can also be found in the supposedly fleeting.

What are similar musicians to Tua? Megaloh, Maeckes, Chefket and Die Orsons

Is Tua's music danceable? No, it's more introspective and lyrical.

What genre is Tua's music? German hip-hop and rap

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