The year is still young and tender - but don't worry. For all those who love planning, leisure and finesse, this blog article is like Christmas and a birthday combined.

Because in 2024, there are once again some wonderful events waiting for you in Cologne that you shouldn't miss! 🤤 We have put together a fine selection of events for you here. ENJOY & a brilliant year 2024! 🫶


VAN HOLZEN - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

VAN HOLZEN - präsentiert von Rausgegangen
© Rebecca Krämer
Fr, 12.01.2024 19:00
24,70 €

The guys from Ulm make alternative rock in German, mixing personal stories with abstract vibes. With their new single "Virtuell" together with MIA MORGAN, they deliver a casual, melancholic track with darkwave and newwave influences. We like.


Carnival - 08.-14.02.

You can find all carnival events here. Secure your tickets in advance now, then it will be more relaxed.




Maria-Hilf-Straße 15-17
50677 Köln

lit.pop - Die zweite Ausgabe - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

lit.pop - Die zweite Ausgabe - präsentiert von Rausgegangen
Fr, 08.03.2024 18:00
25,00 to 52,00 €

NICE! lit.pop is taking place again this year. The second edition poses provocative questions about protest, love, society and identity - a cultural expedition through literature, discourse, music, theater, film and personal encounters. Experience inspiring personalities such as Alice Hasters, Ilona Hartmann and many more, who will shed light on the complexity of culture with their insights and discussions.


Ghostly Kisses - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

Ghostly Kisses - präsentiert von Rausgegangen
© Fred Gervais
Mi, 03.04.2024 20:00
22,00 €

The French-Canadian artist Margaux Sauvé sends us on an emotional journey that seems like ghostly kisses from an intermediate world. Her voice, gentle yet penetrating, paired with the instrumentation of electronic pop and neo-classical elements, creates an atmosphere reminiscent of the tranquillity of Billie Eilish or Aurora.


© Michael Winkler
Sa, 06.04.2024 20:00
35,85 to 48,50 €

Querbeat's concerts are always sold out in no time - the logical consequence: playing a show in the LANXESS arena. If you don't attend this wild party, it's your own fault!

PANTHA - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

Mo, 08.04.2024 20:00
27,00 €

Uncompromising and direct: She is known for reflecting her honest thoughts and feelings in her songs without beating around the bush or using flowery metaphors. She does not shy away from brute frankness and refrains from using worn-out stereotypes or cheap phrases. Let's love.

c/o pop - 24.-28.04.

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Pollerwiesen Opening - 27.04.


Sommerblut Culture Festival - 04.-20.05.

Kunstroute Ehrenfeld 2024 - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

Kunstroute Ehrenfeld 2024 - präsentiert von Rausgegangen
© (c) KRE
Sa, 04.05.2024 12:00
Free admission

The Ehrenfeld art route shows that art is alive in all its facets. Whether photography, informal art, sculptures or media art - creativity is celebrated here. The art route has become an annual highlight, with fascinating works awaiting art lovers once again in 2024.

Uche Yara - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

Di, 07.05.2024 19:00
25,00 €

How about some really good live music that manages to combine pop and Afrobeats? A very good and above all danceable combination, we think! That's why we're making it quick - you shouldn't miss this energetic live performance! So take part in our Lotteries! 🎫

Le Tour Belgique - 25.05.

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Harry-Blum-Platz 1
50678 Köln


Summerjam Festival 2024

Summerjam Festival 2024
Fr, 05.07.2024 00:00
from 85,00 € Lottery

Burna Boy is coming to Summerjam!!! And of course many more great acts. In 2024, the festival will be held under the motto "Lost in Good Vibes". A highlight in Cologne's event year - and right by Fühlinger See 🏝️

Cologne Pride - 06.-21.07.

CSD Demo - 21.07.


Green Juice Festival 2024 - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

Green Juice Festival 2024 - präsentiert von Rausgegangen
© Sebastian Derix
Fr, 02.08.2024 14:00
94,00 € Lottery

The first acts have already been announced: Look forward to Provinz, Blond, Alli Neumann, Bilderbuch, Kaffkiez, Blumengarten, Kasi, Futurebae and many more in 2024.

Stadt ohne Meer Köln

Sa, 10.08.2024 12:00
55,90 €

Say what?! The Stadt ohne Meer festival from Gießen is coming to Cologne in 2024 and is bringing Apsilon, Blumengarten, Elimako, Jeremias, Paula Hartmann and TRÄNEN with it! 🤩 A line-up that you should definitely not miss. 🔥

Eat Play Love 2024

Do, 15.08.2024 12:00
15,00 to 45,00 €

Streetfood Festival - Cologne Wakeboard Masters - Music Open Air - Eat Play Love also has a great program in 2024. Our anticipation is here!

Gamescom - 21-25.08.


Jeck im Sunnesching - 07.09.

LEA - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

Mo, 09.09.2024 20:00
64,00 € Lottery

No one in the pop biz should pass her by. The singer is constantly on the lookout, shares her songs from the gut and lives by the motto: music is in constant flux, just like life. She doesn't wait for the perfect moment, because for her perfection lies in the essence and in the real - and that's what makes her so special. Live an absolute highlight.


Cologne Theater Night - 02.10.

Film Festival Cologne - 17-24.10.

Follow the Film Festival Cologne for all info.

Cologne Marathon - 06.10.

Cologne Music Week - tba.

Cologne Comedy Festival - 24.10.-02.11

Follow the Cologne Comedy Festival for all info.


Museum night - tba.

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Roy Bianco & Die Abbrunzati Boys - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

Roy Bianco & Die Abbrunzati Boys - präsentiert von Rausgegangen
© Ludwig van Borkum
So, 03.11.2024 19:00
48,85 € Lottery

Roy Bianco & The Abbrunzati Boys are Amore, Dolce Vita and lots of fun! With their new album Kult, they are finally going where they belong. Namely on the big stages. An honor to present this show.

Apsilon - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

Apsilon - präsentiert von Rausgegangen
© Aysan Lamby
Do, 07.11.2024 19:00
35,90 € Lottery

Wow, Apsilon's latest song "Baba" is touching - the combination of deep lyrics and the strong instrumental makes this song a unique musical experience that appeals to both the heart and the mind. You really shouldn't miss the rapper's tour. Lottery tickets.

Art Cologne - 07.-10.11.


TRETTMANN - präsentiert von Rausgegangen

TRETTMANN - präsentiert von Rausgegangen
© Finn Buendert
Do, 19.12.2024 19:00
50,00 to 74,00 € Lottery

Tretti has his roots in the new building area of the GDR, has dug through everything from reggae to rap and finally celebrated his breakthrough with #DIY - a modern classic that made the genres dance. Break because of Corona? Pff, he comes back with "Insomnia", deals with heartbreak but still brings the perfect amount of euphoria to the record. Live a highlight!

We will also be organizing many Geheimkonzerte again this year. Why not give a gift voucher and be part of the next concert?

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