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Theater Kunst Unterhaltung Abend zu zweit Gemütlicher Abend Comedy Literatur
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Directed by Kieran Joel | Set design by Madleine Sahl and Sophia Schach | Music by Lenny Mockridge | Production manager Erika Walter | Assistant director Lilly Pätzold |
With Leonie Houber and Felix Witzlau

Nominated for the Cologne Theater Award 2022

Identity has never been so funny as in Henrich von Kleist's Amphitryon!

Director Kieran Joel uses Kleist's adaptation of antiquity to question where we ourselves disappear behind our assigned roles. To what extent are clichés, role assignments and demands placed on us identity-forming? Where do they limit us, how do they lead us astray, and where are they meaningful? And why is it so rarely talked about that this process can often also be embarrassing, laughable and hilarious?

Adept at dealing with meta-levels and theatrical effects, Joel and his team now explore the labyrinth of mirrors in Kleist's spectacle of confusion and put the structures and modes of action of the institution of theater to the test.

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from 10,00 Euro


Theater im Bauturm Aachener Straße 24-26 50674 Köln