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In the organizer's words:

BLACKBRAID is an indigenous black metal solo project from the depths of the Adirondack wilderness, whose music is as raw and powerful as the mountains from which it comes... BLACKBRAID's music is inspired by the natural forces of the landscape around us, by overwhelming emotions such as anger and sadness, and by the deep spirituality of the project's creator, Sgah'gahsowáh, a Southern Native American who grew up in the mountains of the Northeast. (Source: Bandinfo)

Few artists in the recent past have penetrated the dark underground with such enthusiasm as LAMP OF MURMUUR have managed to do since their first appearance with a series of demos in 2019. Despite the project's rapid rise, little is known about the band other than that the project hails from Los Angeles, California and is led by an enigmatic man named "M.". There is no shortage of raw black metal projects in the world, but the way M. approaches the genre puts LAMP OF MURMUUR on a different path than many of his contemporaries. With three albums under his belt already, M.'s explorations into black metal diverge enough to keep his approach fresh and mysterious without compromising the extreme core of the project. Initially, it was a fairly orthodox one-man project, but it soon became clear that behind the gruesome fog of furious riffs and menacing synthesizers lay a far more complex and enigmatic beast dancing behind a veil of shadows. Following the gothic explorations of "Heir of Ecliptical Romanticism" (2020) and "Submission and Slavery" (2021), the project seeks to redefine itself once again with "Saturnian Bloodstorm". LAMP OF MURMUUR's new album is a statement of power and strength that shatters any preconceptions the project may have had in the past while cementing its position as a driving force in modern underground metal. (Source: Booking Agency)

From the shadowy, desolate forests of Borlänge (Sweden) and the rusty, urban lechery of Amsterdam (Netherlands) comes DÖDSRIT, a maelstrom of soul-shredding blackness and cacophony. DÖDSRIT entered the world in 2017 as a one-man project by Christoffer Öster, a solo effort that would spawn both the self-titled debut in the same year and the subsequent "Spirit Crusher" in 2018. After that second album, the project grew into a full-fledged group with three new members, a change that would definitely sharpen the band's course into the powerful force it is today. Whether painting landscapes of storming riffs, crescendos of pulsating intensity or melancholy wails, DÖDRIT's crushing devotion to the visceral element in man and nature was mesmerizing from the start. Though the group is rooted in the black metal milieu, their sonic characteristics reach far beyond, from repetitive and atmospheric surges of misty ambience to melancholic yet triumphant outbursts, a palette of sorts that imbues this journey with a turmoil of emotion. These characteristics find their most precise expression on the third and new work "Mortal Coil", a step forward towards the abyss, and a definitive illustration of Doedstrit's treacherous depiction of ghastly emanations for and to the strife and suffering of our weak and dying existence. (Source: Doomstar Bookings)

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