Blumengarten • "Schönheit die in Schmerzen liegt" Tour 2024

In the organizer's words:

After Blumengarten's "The First Tour" 2023 was sold out after a short time, the duo already announces the next tour! In April 2024, the two, plus band, will play 16 shows throughout Germany and Austria.

Blumengarten formed in 2021 in Velbert, a typical sleepy little town in NRW. Singer Rayan and producer Sammy went to the same school, but still tended to avoid each other there. It was only after graduation that the two started making music in Sammy's basement. After a long time of trying and experimenting, their first EP was created in this basement: "tell your friends that you love them". The EP also reflects the different musical influences of the two. Elements from the indie and hip hop, to the house and rock world create a fresh soundscape.

Rayan sings in his lyrics about growing up, the first experiences with love and the pain associated with it. Thematically, however, Blumengarten is always about one thing: hope. No matter how things stand, the belief in a better future permeates every lyric and every instrumental. "Promised, everything will be alright" you could also say. Although the guys have only been on stage for a year, they can already convey this feeling perfectly. After crying to "paris syndrom", a (very dear) mosh pit is quickly initiated to "wiedersehen".

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Freiheitshalle Rainer-Werner-Fassbinder-Platz 1 80636 München

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