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In the organizer's words:

an EXTERNAL PLAY by studiobühneköln

A documentary examination of the phenomenon of protest suicide by self-immolation.

"In view of the fact that our peoples are on the brink of hopelessness, I have decided to express my protest. My demand is:

  • equal rights for foreigners:inside (Semra Ertan, 1982)
  • the end of the war (Malachi Ritscher, 2006)
  • the observance of internationally recognized human rights standards (Sangye Dolma, 2012)
  • the equal rights of women (Sahar Khodayari, 2019)."

In 1963, monk Thích Quàng Dúnc publicly set himself on fire to protest discrimination against Buddhists in South Vietnam. Since then, at least 3000 people around the world have burned themselves in protest in public places, hoping to give publicity to their political demands.

The performance Ein Mensch ist keine Fackel (A Man is Not a Torch) gathers voices of real self-immolations and opens a discourse on the (in)visibility of people in political systems. With great sensitivity, Krux reflects on this form of protest, on bodies as a political issue, the blurring boundaries between the private and the political, and the desire to bring about change in society.

Production: Krux
Co-production: studiobühneköln, Orangerie Theater
Cooperation: FormatArt e.V.

Director: Elsa Weiland | Acting: Sophia Otto, Saskia Rudat | Stage & Costume: Maria Färber | Sound & Music: Joseph Baader | Lighting: Chiara Krogull | Dramaturgy: Malin Harff | Production Management: Esther Schneider | Public Relations: Vincent Stange | Voice : Hildegard Meier

Sponsored by: Cultural Office of the City of Cologne
Made possible by: Karin and Uwe Hollweg Foundation, the Matrong Cultural Foundation, the Rudolf Augstein Foundation

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Orangerie-Theater Volksgartenstraße 25 50677 Köln

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