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Frank Sauer: Adam und Eva hätten die Schlange besser gegrillt

Spoken word Kabarett
In the organizer's words:

Man, woman, apple. That's the quick threesome with which the story begins. Unfortunately. Because what we would not have been spared everything if this stupid thing with the snake had not been! But Adam and Eve, the forerunners of all marriages, long-term relationships and day part relationships, had to let themselves be seduced, were put for it from the paradise before the door, and there we stand still today - paradise barricaded. And so man and woman still have to deal with misunderstandings, jealousy, problem discussions and separation seminars, i.e. with all the "pleasures" that relationship life has to offer.

The modern relationship is open and emotionally flexible. From hormone-flooded love affairs to marriage out of calculation: Some marry at 18, not out of love, but because spouses are allowed to copy each other's grades. Others stay together despite a breakdown because there is a minimum order value at the pizza service.

And let's be honest: How is it with you? Which sentence gives you more pleasure? "I love you" or "We'll open register 2 for you"? After all, being in a relationship means sharing concerns with each other that you wouldn't have had on your own. A typical lose-lose situation. But there are just these ravishing feelings associated with it.

Frank Sauer's inimitable mixture of wit and profundity once again winks cheekily from under the covers. He digs deep into the relationship jungle of chivalry and gender stars, heartbreak, breakup tips and species-appropriate male behavior. And at the end he squats giggling on the tree of knowledge and sums up: If God baked Adam and Eve out of clay and then breathed the divine breath into them, then man - a puff piece.

Director: Christian Bronder

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