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Funny van Dannen - Angst vor Gott und Songs To Go

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In the organizer's words:

Funny van Dannen was born in 1958 as Franz Josef Hagmanns in Tüddern near Sittard (NL) on the Dutch border. At the age of 16 he started writing songs in his mother tongue, a South Dutch dialect (Limburg), and performing them to the guitar. In 1978 he moved to Berlin to live as a freelance painter. He completed an apprenticeship as a commercial artist and played in several short-lived bands ("Dilettant de Luxe", "Die Träumenden Knaben"), was co-founder of the "Lassie Singers" and performed solo with his self-penned stories, songs and poems from 1987. In 1991, his first book "Spurt ins Glück" was published, which was followed by seven more until 2015, most recently "An der Grenze zur Realität".

In 1995, his first CD "Clubsongs" was released, which established his success as a songwriter. In the following years, songs such as "Als Willy Brandt Bundeskanzler war", "Nana Mouskouri", "Freundinnen" or "Herzscheisse" developed into true evergreens and are now known to an audience that extends far beyond his regular listeners.

In addition to his musical record releases and extensive tours, Funny van Dannen is also active as a visual artist.

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Markthalle-Hamburg Klosterwall 11 20095 Hamburg

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