PHOTO: © Estol/PBM

HEREOS DEL BRILLO by Federico Estol

In the organizer's words:

In the multi-award-winning photo book Héroes del Brillo, the shoeshine boys
the shoeshine boys of La Paz become superheroes. Stylistically maneuvering between graphic novel and new photography, Federico Estol presents the local underdogs as cult figures and creates an urban fairy tale between indie fashion and activist social reportage.zer
In a participatory workshop process, Estol invited the shoeshine boys to imagine a creative new version of their own story. Together, they developed a storyboard and portrayed themselves not as stigmatized and outcasts, but as urban superheroes who, while taking care of the unbroken local demand for polished footwear, save the city from villains. In the end, they are frenetically celebrated by their customers. Discover the Utopia of Brilloland!
Héreos del Brillo was distributed as a special edition of a street newspaper by the shoeshine boys themselves and is now returning to the streets as a cross-space installation in THE BOX!

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