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Young Dance House - take-off Festival

A participatory Krump play for all ages 6 and up.

Who owns the stage? Four Krump dancers ask themselves this question and take the audience with them into the spotlight. Krump is a style of dance that originated on the streets of Los Angeles as a rebellion against social inequality and discrimination. For many dancers, Krump is still a refuge and family substitute. The Krump community creates community, it's about showing up and supporting each other. Choreographer Janne Gregor transfers this self-empowering attitude to life of Krump into the theater space. Together with four Krump dancers and a musician, the usual hierarchy between audience and performers is broken down. In exchange with the audience, a lively, participatory choreography is created live on site. Dance becomes a means of communication, each performance a unique experience that makes it possible to experience why you just can't stop dancing.

Duration: 50 min.
Age recommendation: 6+
Without speech. Use of loud music and possible strobe.

Ticket requests for school performances should be directed to Maresa Grote-Sinn at
Other visitors are also welcome to attend the school performances.

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tanzhaus nrw Erkrather Str. 30 40233 Düsseldorf

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