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In the organizer's words:
Five winsUwaga! | Zufit Simon | Mareile Krettek | Anselm Dalferth: Music by Claude Debussy, George Gershwin, Toek Numan and others.

Movement after standstill. A game in which five people lure and challenge each other, sniff each other and sometimes scare each other. At first there are only very soft sounds, then a cautious melody and at the end the whole thing increases to a wild dance, where everyone feels how nice it is to be together again: 1! and 2! and 1, 2, 3, 4 ...

The children's concert "Five Wins" takes place instead of the originally planned programs "Tuba Ahoy!" or "The Great Penguin and Banana Show".

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Price information:

Children & youth under 17 years: € 7,- | Adults: € 18,-


Kölner Philharmonie Bischofsgartenstraße 1 50667 Köln

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