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Marc Breuer "Traumtypen"

Theater Comedy Kabarett Marc Breuer Traumtypen
In the organizer's words:

Marc Breuer "Dream Guys"

What's wrong with men? Bullies in politics, chauvinists in the executive office and "bill-payers" on a blind date. Crisis of masculinity? Of course!
But they still exist: quality men of medium and higher quality. Real dream guys who are so stunning that women want to jump in the air with excitement. Conscientious, hard-working, punctual. Some are popular in the neighborhood and clubs. Others captivate with above-average attractiveness and sizzling eroticism. Still others fight as househusbands against old role models and dust behind the radiator.
Marc Breuer sets out in search of these "new men". Authentic special specimens who can point their disoriented gender comrades in the right direction.
Josef, for example, is a leader in a volunteer fire department in a very rural area. Fear is a foreign word for him. Except when there is an alarm, during drills or when he has to give a ceremonial speech. He also likes to take on responsibility. Especially in the area of celebrations, parties and barbecues.
Richard is a real eye-catcher. With his trendy hairstyle, tasteful casual fashion and carefree demeanor, he has time and again caused a stir among women and mothers-in-law. Today, he swears by "love and loyalty".
Heribert has been running a car dealership with a "service" workshop for 34 years. He agrees with equal opportunities for women, but thinks nothing of electric mobility.
Cologne comedian, cabaret artist and author Marc Breuer has been performing on Germany's cabaret stages for over 20 years. (e.g. WDR Mitternachtsspitzen, Senftöpfchen Theater Cologne, Pantheon Bonn, Quatsch Comedy Club, Nightwash on tour). He has them, the famous "funny bones" , and regularly causes heavy laughter in the audience.
Also in his new program he plays, sings and dances that it is a joy!
"Stunningly funny", Rheinische Post
"The man has the perfect gift of observation", Kölner Stadt Anzeiger
"A real discovery", Nordseezeitung

Price information:
AK 23,- €/ 17,- € (erm) / VVK 18,- € / 13 € (erm) (+fees).
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Theater 509 Dreikönigenstr. 23 50678 Köln

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