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Moby Dick

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Directed by Kieran Joel | Set design Madleine Sahl and Leonie Falke | Music Lenny Mockridge | Assistant director Rosa Arens and Lea Rump

With Leonie Houber and Felix Witzlau | Nominated for the Cologne Theater Award 2019 | Duration: approx. 75 min. without intermission

Starting in November 2022, Leonie Houber takes on the role of Max Themak.

Herman Melville's Moby Dick or: The Whale is an epic of the century - hardly anyone doubts that. The 800-page tome is so securely enthroned in the pantheon of literary history that one sometimes forgets to wonder how such a monothematic text could actually get there. Just like its protagonist, Captain Ahab, the novel has only one theme - and it is a very offbeat one at that: whaling. It is Melville's great feat to create a world metaphor out of such a special and encyclopedically treated subject, since his text is about nothing less than the eternal quest as the drive and ultimate meaning of human existence. But how can such an untamed text, which unites all types of texts from archaic revenge drama to adventurous seafaring scharteke to modern psychological character portrayal, actually be presented on a small studio stage - even more so when it is largely set on the open sea?

Note to our guests: Strobe lights will be used in the performance.

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Theater im Bauturm Aachener Straße 24-26 50674 Köln

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