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Lottery Theater Performance Installation
In the organizer's words:

Installative performance by Cora Frost, Nomena Struss and Toshi Kusaba based on a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen.

We are inventing the principle of pleasure only in artificially man-made things. No more growing. The miracle of life: obsolete. Only gardens of horror under the command-creating power of man. Also, the fear of the total exercise of power over humans through digitalization is fading. How does AI change us and what happens when there is no longer a clear division into "good" and "evil," no just end to history?

There is the Internet and glittering facades, cars, toys, technology, industry, progress - but no answers that satisfy our hungers and longings. Are we irreversibly lost? Or are we simply recomposing ourselves? What is happening to us, we ask, and draw on Hans Christian Andersen's The Emperor's Nightingale to answer this universal question about our fragmented Western culture. Prelude to a fairy tale of machines so small, so massed, and so commonplace that we barely notice them as machines.

"Hear me and mark what I say: I don't want to be human in the next life. It's too sad." Sing, Nightingale!

Event: DO 21.12. | FR 22.12. | 20:00 + SA 23.12. | 19:00
Venue: PATHOS theater
Tickets: Tickets: 30 € support ticket | 18 € normal price | 12 € reduced price | 5 € minimum price

By and with: Cora Frost, Nomena Struss and Toshi Kusaba

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Price information:

from €5.00

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PATHOS theater Dachauer Str. 110d 80636 München

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NACHTIGALL XIXI 3000 Dachauerstr.110 d 80636 München

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