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Nationalsozialismus in München

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In the organizer's words:

The exhibition shows Munich as the starting point of the emergence of National Socialism and as a party center. Munich's involvement as a city of art and festivals in the aesthetic programming and trivialization of the Nazi regime is also addressed, as is the city's importance as a media and armaments location. A further emphasis is placed on Munich as a place of origin and action for persecution and resistance.

The presentation is entirely focused on Munich. It begins with the end of the First World War in 1918 and ends with the year 1945. The concept is based on the question of what distinguishes this city from other cities in relation to National Socialism.

The exhibition sees itself as part of a memorial landscape that includes other information sites, such as the Jewish Museum on St. Jakob's Square and the Nazi Documentation Center on Königsplatz. It is intended to serve as a foundation of information that will be deepened by further exhibition offerings and discussion events in the city.

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