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Sarah Bosetti: Wer Angst hat soll zuhause bleiben

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Poetry against populism

Sarah Bosetti puts forward a daring thesis: The greatest danger to humanity is not climate, war, and catastrophes, but populism.

Climate terrorism? Disinfectant against Corona? Birthday party for 69 deportations? This is the level at which the powerful of this world talk about the important political issues of our time. Yet almost all crises could be mastered if we faced them with honest reason - which, with impressive consistency, we do not. That's why, in the fight against fake news, discrimination and shifting discourse, Sarah Bosetti takes on some of the most beautiful, worst or most absurd populist statements made by well-known personalities - from Alice Schwarzer to Olaf Scholz to Vladimir Putin - and responds to them with clever and witty poems. She fights populism with the sharpest weapon she has: poetry!

Sarah Bosetti is a satirist, author and feminist against her will. For her weekly satirical show "Bosetti will reden!" (ZDF), she was nominated for the German Television Award in 2022. She has previously been awarded the Dieter Hildebrandt Prize and the German Cabaret Prize, among others.

"So when the shit hits the fan at some point ... it wasn't Sarah Bosetti's fault." - Marc-Uwe Kling

"Sarah Bosetti has developed an unprecedented form of cabaret and satire." - Jury Dieter Hildebrandt Prize


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