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a co-production of CREAM KOLLEKTIV and studiobühneköln

SOHN MEINES VAT ERS deals with the father-son dynamic in migrant families and the image of masculinity associated with it. In many families, certain masculine patterns of speech and behavior create a toxic relationship between father and son and often stand in the way of a tender and loving togetherness. Where do these narrative concepts of masculinity come from, how are they related culturally and socially, and what is the complicity of the white dominant society in this? Partly fictional, partly autobiographical, we tell the stories of our fathers and what shaped these people who helped shape us. These are stories full of contradictions and contrasts that question the position of the father as an untouchable idol and make a kind of "male emancipation" inevitable. The supposedly divine and flawless we ascribe to him is to be deconstructed on stage, reworked and ultimately buried after a patricide.

The performances will take place at TanzFaktur 's outdoor venue in Technologiepark.
Address: Vitalisstraße 314, 50829 Cologne, Germany.
Near the S-Bahn stop "Müngersdorf Technologiepark".

with: Manuel Bashirpour and Georgios Markou
Direction and text: Asim Odobašić
Diversity guide: Ebru Kurnaz
Assistant director: Sergio Salas

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TanzFaktur - Außenspielstätte im Technologiepark (Archiv) Vitalisstraße 314 50829 Köln

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Studiobühne Köln
Studiobühne Köln Universitätsstraße 16A 50937 Köln

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