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SUBCUTIS - Eine intermediale Performance über Haut und den Rausch der Selbstoptimierung

Theater Kunst Unterhaltung Abend zu zweit Wochenendtipp Abenteuer
In the organizer's words:

In the ongoing frenzy of self-optimization, the natural properties of the skin seem like not enough. New technical developments are forcing the trend that more and more people will have high-tech gadgets implanted under their skin, subcutaneously, in the future - making the membrane that is the natural barrier between their physique and the outside increasingly permeable. What seems like a blessing to some is frightening to others - where are our limits? How does this development change our image of man?

The actors Olja Artes, Marcus Krone and Mohammad Saado Kharouf and the musicians Pía Miranda (trombone) and Peter Eisold (percussion & electronics) together with 12 citizens look at the topic of skin as a border between the inner and outer world and the beginning of a new epoch: the age of transhumanism.

SUBCUTIS is a production of A.TONAL.THEATER, Theater an der Ruhr and VolXbühne (Mülheim an der Ruhr) in co-production with Freihandelszone - Ensemblenetzwerk Köln and Alte Feuerwache Köln and in cooperation with the "Zukunftswerkstatt der Volkskunde/Kulturgeschichte unter Leitung von Anne Dippel" of the University of Jena.

With: Adelheid Borgmann, Andreas Beutner, Bruno Kirchhof, Christel Troesken, Christina Rupp, Claudia Burghardt, Daniela Godde, Frieder Kornfeld, Gabriele Bender, Ingrid Henkes, Karin Oeser, Marcus Krone, Mohammad Saado Kharouf, Olja Artes, Shirin Zettl, Stefan Peterburs / Live music: Pía Miranda (trombone), Peter Eisold (percussion & electronics)

Direction & text: Jörg Fürst, musical direction: Peter Eisold, stage design: Jan Patrick Brandt, costumes & drawings: Monika Odenthal, video screening & social media videoblog: Susann Martin, lighting design: Kerp Holz, make-up : Anne Heydt, technical direction: Dirk Lohmann, PR & production MH: Martina Krall, production Cologne : Jule Klemm, PR Cologne: neurohr&andrä, layout design : molter&sartor, Düsseldorf, (sound)engineering Cologne: Eduardo Borges, Dietrich Schuckließ, Thomas Mörl, set design assistance: Leyla Papoulia, driving service: Schlax

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from €12.00


Alte Feuerwache Köln Melchiorstraße 3 50668 Köln

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