PHOTO: © Thomas Klose

Tobias Mann Mann: gegen Mann

In the organizer's words:

Tobias Mann, satirist and musician, faces his ultimate opponent and - surprise - it's Tobias Mann himself. He no longer conducts his toughest discussions on the Internet, but deep inside himself, and it turns out that even Facebook and Twitter are more civilized. Every soliloquy escalates and ends in wild insults and hate comments, with no chance of the user being blocked.

Bad for him, but good for his audience, who can now take part in this highly entertaining, cabaret-style battle of man against man. The satirist in him warns, "The audience absolutely has to take something away. It takes attitude!" The social observer counters, "Attitude - all well and good, but you have to illuminate all sides!" The comedian yells, "Screw it! The punch line has to bang!" In lyrics and songs, the multi-award-winning cabaret artist also shoots in his 7th stage program against everything and everyone who deserves it. And all too often that is even himself. But don't worry: In the battle against himself, there are at least two winners: Tobias Mann and his audience.

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COMEDIA Theater Vondelstraße 4-8 50677 Köln

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