Leseclubfestival 2023
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Leseclubfestival 2023

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In the festival's words:


Finally meet people for a drink who have read the same book. And the author will also drop by. That's the idea behind the reading club festival.

Sounds good? Then find a reading club near you and buy a ticket. The book will then be sent to you. You'll have time to read until the day of the festival. At the reading club, you will meet a maximum of 19 other readers and the author. The discussions will be led by moderators who will be well prepared to create a discussion situation in which you can talk in a relaxed way about what you have read, ask questions or express criticism - and feel comfortable. Not a reading, but a conversation about the book, in a relaxed atmosphere, with drinks.


The reading club festival will take place in 2023 from March 23 to 25 with 33 reading clubs in ten cities. Each event will bring together authors and a maximum of 20 guests. The evening will be moderated by people who know their craft.

Ticket: 27.00 euros including free reading copy, reading club, drink, shipping, plus advance booking fee.

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