Sommerblut 2023
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Sommerblut 2023

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In the festival's words:

Get out of your comfort zone!

Now it's getting uncomfortable: The Summer Blood Culture Festival is dedicated this time to a topic that touches us all: our fears and insecurities.

Fear of contact, climate fear, German Angst, fear of change, fear of deviations, of difference or of being different ...

We ask ourselves the question, when is it worth leaving one's comfort zone? We look for the monsters of our time, ask about the origin of racism and xenophobia, and go exactly where the fear is. We discover unknown worlds anew and track down special life stories. We bring uncomfortable topics into focus and test the limits of theater.

We travel to dystopian places, dive into non-places and work with you against barriers. Performers:inside show us their take on complex entanglements, question our culture of safety, and radically and sensually confront our biggest taboo topics.

Ready for an expansion of consciousness? Go where the fear is. It's worth it!

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Das Sommerblut Kulturfestival findet vom 06. - 24.05.2023 in und um Köln statt.

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