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Avermann Contactlinsen

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The one with the view

Avermann Contactlinsen is a favorite at second glance. But then quite clear! Glass- or no better: contact lenses-clear! At the Avermanns, everything revolves around the small lens with a huge effect. And that has been the case for 20 years here in Dortmund. The special: Avermann Contactlinsen is no store, at which one strolls in such a way past, but rather resembles a practice. Because: The customer is king and is advised here time-intensively, discreetly and very professionally. That's why you need an appointment here, which then also takes about 1 hour. If you have it, then you can be sure, "problem solvers" take care of your eyes. Because too dry, too wet, too small or too old eyes do not exist here! But the right lens for every eye. From special manufacturers that not everyone knows or methods that are so special that you have rarely heard of them. Ever heard of a lens that you only wear at night - like a brace, for example - and that lingers during the day? Or of a lens that prevents nearsighted children from becoming even more nearsighted - in other words, as pure prophylaxis? The Avermanns are experts in their field, which is why customers come to them from all over the world, to Dortmund. Whether infant or old person... The Avermanns have the right lens for everyone! Complicated eyes? Bring it on, the Avermanns know a solution. And because they put so much heart and soul into it, it was love at first sight for us!

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