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In the location's words:

We produce too much waste - that's no secret! After an ordinary purchase in the supermarket, vast amounts of plastic end up in the garbage can. One store that is doing something about this is "Frau Lose". This unpackaged store has already been around since 2019. Located on Rheinische Straße, Frau Lose offers a super alternative to the usual supermarkets and also supports the environment.

Food, cosmetics and Co. - everything unpaperd!

At Frau Lose you get everything you need for everyday life: cosmetics, food such as fruit, vegetables and dry products, wine, cleaning products and much more. Of course, everything here is unpacked and ready to be filled. Forgotten a glass? - No problem! Just grab one of the donated jars and off you go.

Short delivery routes

Ms. Lose attaches great importance to keeping the distance from the producers to the store as short as possible. How does the rice fit into the assortment? It doesn't come from Asia, but from our neighboring country Austria.

In Asia, rice cultivation often requires a huge amount of water because the fields are flooded to keep the weeds out. In the case of Mrs. Lose's rice from Austria, on the other hand, weeds are removed by hand - another plus point.

Saving instead of throwing away

In the back of the store, you'll find rescued food. You can simply take them with you for a donation. Here you can find fruit and vegetables that are no longer sold due to minor blemishes. But there are also sweets and drinks waiting to be saved by you. You can also have a whole "rescuer box" put together for you and pick it up conveniently in the store. This is a colorful mix of fruits and vegetables, small snacks or even muesli and juice.

Actions and workshops

Frau Lose is not just a store, it's a way of life, which is highlighted by great promotions and workshops. Here you will always be advised in detail and quickly you will notice how much heart and commitment is behind it.

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