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In the location's words:

Since moving into the Schauburg am Elisabethplatz in 1977, the Theater der Landeshauptstadt München has been one of the largest and most renowned theaters for young audiences in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Under the directorship of Andrea Gronemeyer, the theater is an open house of the performing arts for audiences young and young at heart. The audience can grow up with theater in the Schauburg, because the ensemble plays pieces for the very youngest audience members from 3 months and specifies its offers according to age up to adulthood. The repertoire is mainly characterized by new plays by contemporary authors that have been developed especially for young audiences, including new interpretations of world literature as well as plays that take up topics from the concrete world of the young audience or burning social issues. In addition to drama, the Schauburg also offers dance, music, puppet and improvisational theater, as well as cross-border forms of theater. With mobile productions for classrooms and kindergartens, the Schauburg ensemble seeks contact with children and young people from neighborhoods further away from the theater and the everyday worlds of its audiences. Schauburg networks worldwide and brings these experiences from intercultural exchange into its repertoire and participatory projects. The awareness of playing for audiences with roots in many cultures drives the Schauburg's vision of establishing itself as a place for finding cultural identity in a diverse society.
The invitation to play along in theater clubs and participatory stage projects with "experts of everyday life" is an integral part of the artistic work at Schauburg: in the Schauburg LAB, children and young people of all ages have the opportunity to try themselves out as dancers, musicians, actors or authors on and off stage throughout the season or in compact vacation projects and to find their own language.


The Kleine Burg is located in the basement of the Schauburg. This venue is barrier-free and therefore easily accessible for our youngest audience members. In the Kleine Burg, everyone can experience theater encounters directly and up close in an intimate setting. The close proximity in this theater space makes it easy for everyone to get involved as an active part of a performance. Here, we invite performances in which performers from all artistic disciplines meet their audiences at different eye levels and seek exchange.
The large hall is now called Große Burg. There, as usual, children, young people and adults are invited to engage in aesthetic experiences in a wide variety of spatial constellations.


On the top floor is the Schauburg LAB - the space for untamed creativity. Here, everyone is invited to become active themselves. The space for workshops, meetings, LABs and experiments is open to everyone: Children, teenagers and young adults. The Schauburg team also invites you to our teacher training sessions on the top floor. The LAB is the space for permeability and openness in dealing with the arts. The space for cheeky, courageous, open, non-conformist, wild, stormy, passionate, impulsive, bright, dynamic, vital, spirited and unleashed energy.

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