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Fronkroisch and the rest of the world

Today we feel somehow froosöösisch and want to taste France. And that's why we're going to Kaiserstraße. Here there is the store VinoVin, which is oriented in its wine selection - oh how wonderful - francophile. Bordeaux is the hobbyhorse here and we get very good advice from the nice Nicole about the growing region and the winemakers on the Atlantic coast. Nicole runs the store together with her parents. They founded the wine business 35 years ago and Nicole has grown up with it and knows it very well! In the beginning, Nicole's dad only took a small wine case to trade fairs and to customers. The first store was opened in 1998 in Brechten and since 2001 there has also been a VinoVin on Kaiserstraße. The family feels right at home here. However, the stylish store not only houses Bordeaux, but also the rest of the world. Many great wines from young winemakers from Germany, Italy of course, Spain and and and. Wine lovers and those who want to be can taste their way through the world at one of the monthly wine tastings. For 35 euros per person you can participate. Or you can choose a group and a wine region and the VinoVin's invite you to a very individual wine tasting.

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