KLANG UND RAUM Ambient Festival

KLANG UND RAUM Ambient Festival

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Ambient Festival
3 Days Of Ambient
Thurs 11/16 - Sat 11/18/2013



Klang und Raum present again their Ambient Festival in November 2023. From Thursday 16.11.23 to Saturday 18.11.23 spherical ambient plays in the Cologne St. Gertrud Church (Krefelder Str. 57, 50670 Cologne, near Hansaring) with ten interesting artists:inside, who will present the variety of electronic compositions and audiovisual sound art.


All info about the event, artists and tickets:

festival page: https://klangundraum.koeln
Ticket page: https://rausgegangen.de/organizations/kur-18
Ticket overview: https://t.rausgegangen.de/tickets/shop/kur-18
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/280219434987340
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/klangundraum


Thu. 16.11.23
Admission: 19:00 - Start: 20:00
Artists: Domrauschen, Dietmar Bonnen, Christian Lorenzen, Verena Barié
Tickets for Thu: https://t.rausgegangen.de/tickets/klang-und-raum-ambientfestival


Fri. 17.11.23
Admission: 19:00 - Start: 20:00
Artists: Miki Yui, Dunkelwellen aka Conni Trieder, Kai Niggemann
Tickets for Fri: https://t.rausgegangen.de/tickets/klang-und-raum-ambientfestival-1


Sat. 18.11.23
Admission: 19:00 - Start: 20:00
Special: Kompakt Pop Ambient 24 Special with:
Jörg Burger, Max Würden, Thore Pfeiffer

Tickets for Sat: https://t.rausgegangen.de/tickets/klang-und-raum-ambientfestival-2


Tickets are available this year at rausgegangen.de for 19 Euro plus VVK fee: https://t.rausgegangen.de/tickets/shop/kur-18
Tickets can also be bought at the box office, of course only while stocks last. Our recommendation is therefore again: secure your tickets in advance!


Places shape. They give an intrinsic coloring. They stimulate, change, suppress, highlight. Let us be inspired. From music, from architecture, from sound and space.

The church will magically color inside. The extraordinary concrete surfaces of this modern sacred building will transform into a large, warm sea of lights. In this special place, audio and visual will merge during the Ambient Festival, creating a deep, unique energy above.

The sound system is precisely designed for this space and presents a special house challenge for our artists. Spotlights provide additional warmth. Chairs, rugs and seat cushions are available for festival goers. Of course you can bring your own blanket. Immerse yourself in a special world, enjoy the moment in perceived infinity, engage with sound and space.


Sound and Space
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Donnerstag: 19:00 - 22:30
Freitag: 19:00 - 22:30
Samstag: 19:00 - 22:30
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