Sommerblut 2024
PHOTO: © Sommerblut

Sommerblut 2024

In the page's words:

Eat the Borders!

Now - finally - we're going to the borders: Country borders, gender borders,
barriers to access. The 2024 edition of the festival is taking what we take for granted
and is getting ready to discover new things with you.
We ask: Are borders necessary? In which places, absolutely? And
what power does the renegotiation of the familiar and the old hold?
Artists from Senegal, Cuba, Afghanistan, Ukraine, India, Pakistan,
Belgium, NRW and Cologne invite us to look beyond and below the horizon.

In the new festival edition, we go this far, and a little further... Stay tuned!

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Das Sommerblut Kulturfestival findet vom 04. - 20. Mai 2024 in und um Köln statt.

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