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Bleib mit mir wach - Xavi

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In the artist's words:

The last three years have been pretty quiet around XAVI. Almost too quiet for an artist who has released catchy songs of incredible power and sincerity with hits such as "Brot & Wasser" and "Analoge Liebe". But sometimes you have to take a step back. To see the bigger picture. To understand who you are and what you actually want - from yourself, from life and from art. XAVI ventures a look into the depths of these questions. Time for a new chapter.

Song sketches are created - which find their way into the socials unfiltered. Art without calculation that is well received. Because the short clips are well received and generate an enormous following and a lot of love within a very short time. The first small concerts that XAVI announces on social media after the radio silence are filled to capacity.

With new motivation, the snippets and demos are gradually turned into full songs and finally an entire album. In March 2024, XAVI finally goes on tour again - the "Türsteher Tour". His debut album will be in his luggage, but his songs that have been streamed millions of times, such as "Analoge Liebe" and "Brot & Wasser", will also be on the setlist.

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