Carus Thompson

In the organizer's words:

For more than 10 years Carus Thompson regularly commuted between his Australian homeland and the European continent. Besides his home country, he gained a large and very loyal fan base in Germany and England with energetic shows. In some years he has spent more time in Europe than Down Under. A life always on the road.

Then everything changed. With his wife and two young children, Carus moved back to his West Australian home of Fremantle. He worked with young people in difficult life situations, taught music in Aboriginal settlements and got involved with people in marginal and problem districts. Occasionally toured the red continent and came to Europe for very short visits.

8 years after the very successful album "Caravan", his seventh studio album "Shakespeare Avenue" was released in 2020. Produced by Sean Lakeman and featuring Kathryn Roberts and Seth Lakeman, the album was recorded in England. The pandemic came and touring came to a halt.

In 2022 "Neon Folk" was released and so Carus Thompson comes to Europe with 2 current albums in his luggage at the beginning of 2024.

The well-known Springsteen and Mellencamp comparisons concerning his songwriting and live shows may seem a bit repetitive by now, but they confirm the extremely high performer qualities of the Australian. The man not only plays great gigs, he has something to say.

Glitterhouse Records:

....die vitality is impressive, whether in euphoria or thoughtfulness. A storyteller who is down to earth and likeable, completely without neuroses and doomsday fantasies.....

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