PHOTO: © Finn Fredeweiß und Henrike Thiel

Get Jealous

In the organizer's words:

Whether you find them pop , punk, intimidating, inviting, refreshing or way too serious: Get Jealous have so far converted everyoneto a captivatedlistener. Even vehementscene-deniers who thought theydidn 't like punkat all.

Wannabe-skater Marike(she/her), drummer Marek(he/him) and frontbitch Otto(they/them) are inspiringin their concise and energetic sound in the balancing act between the musical youth years of the Regrettes and allDisney theme songs. The short, loud dot tunes regularly flow into catchy pop melodies , while Otto's lyrics recite broken society& are impetus forinner-monologue discourse. Whimsical poetic mob romance on a finesse garnished framework of pounding drums, booming bass& shouts.

Live, Marike and Marek form the playful, bubbly basis , which gives Otto the freedom to bark out their vocals from the surging crowd, from the next bar or in frontal barricade position with brute force. This is what happened at gigs at Eurosonic, among others, as well assupport gigs with Leoniden, Östro430 and HiSpencer!, as well as rewarded with the'Paul Smits Award' for the best performers2019.

With their fusion ofskate-punk and pop, Get Jealous are the honest man's dinner served on apink-melted glitter tray.

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subrosa Gneisenaustr.56 44147 Dortmund

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