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Hosea Ratschiller: HOSEA

Spoken word Kabarett
In the organizer's words:


The man's real name. (Kronen Zeitung)
HOSEA dances elegantly right on the precipice. (Josef Hader)
With him I don't have to decide between laughing and thinking. (Christine Prayon)
An evening with HOSEA is better than in a swingers club. (Süddeutsche Zeitung)
They sow wind and they will reap storm. (Hos 8, 7)
What have I done? (HOSEA)
The end comes by itself. You don't have to do anything for it. Starting, that's exhausting, every time. And the 21st century is again no walk in the park. Hosea was there from the beginning. Or is he even to blame for everything in the end?
Let's laugh heartily about this interim balance sheet of a life at the turn of the times. What is left for us?
Director: Petra Dobetsberger

Hosea Ratschiller stands for wit with elegance. His award-winning shows (3x Austrian Cabaret Prize, Salzburger Stier, etc.) tour Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. He turns funny little things into big stories. In addition to the stage, he also plays radio (FM4 Ombudsman), television (host of the ORF TV program "Pratersterne"), books and films. He likes chocolate and lemon best of all. Hosea Ratschiller was born in 1981 in Klagenfurt. He is a fan of the SAK and the KAC. As a father, he likes to live in Vienna.

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