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In the organizer's words:

act.lit: Our new series of events!

In this series of events, we present five to six books in one evening that we particularly liked and were moved by during the season and that we would definitely like to recommend to you - for yourself or for people you would like to give a present to.

Actors and narrators will lend their voices to the books. Let them read to you and whet your appetite for books!

Are you looking for very special (Christmas) gifts for your loved ones? Are you interested in what exciting new books fall and winter have to offer? Or would you simply like to have something read to you again - by someone who can do it really well!

Together with actress and narrator Lisa-Marie Seidel, we will be presenting five fantastic titles of the season on Wednesday, 13.12.2023, from 7.30 pm and cordially invite you to listen, be inspired and be inspired.
Normally you browse through our shelves yourself and let yourself drift - in December we are organizing two evenings where we recommend selected books and you can sit back and relax.

On this evening, we'll be presenting books that are engaging and reflective, contemporary, socially critical and intense.

As always, we will open our bar!

You can look forward to these titles:

Sheng Keyi - The Womb (DuMont, 2023)
Yasmin Polat - In principle, everything is okay (GOYA, 2023)
Sina Scherzant - Am Tag des Weltuntergangs verschlang der Wolf die Sonne (park x ullstein, 2023)
Alice Hasters (hanserblau, 2023)
Moshtari Hilal - Ugliness (Hanser, 2023)

Let us surprise you!

Lisa-Marie Seidel (*1987 in Bornheim) is an actress and speaker. She attended the Arturo acting school in Cologne and has appeared in numerous theater, film and television productions, including films such as "Wellness für Paare" (2015) and "Es ist nur eine Phase, Hase" (2020/21). She can also be heard as a narrator in the radio play "Das Fundament der Ewigkeit" (WDR, 2019).

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Price information:

5,00 €


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