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Admission: 19.00
Start: 7.45 p.m.

LYGO give you 25 seconds to catch your breath at the very beginning of their new album, before "Schockstarre
breaks loose, after that there is not much time left to breathe. For 42 minutes "Lygophobie", the third album of the Bonn trio
of the trio from Bonn, which now lives entirely in Cologne, is captivating.

But it could have come quite differently: With their last tour in September 2019, they announce a break
not because they want to break up, no, simply to let the last few years take effect and make room for the new album.
and to make room for all the stuff you hardly have time for besides the band.

Drummer Daniel uses the time out to deal extensively with music production and makes it possible for
LYGO to record music in the rehearsal room. New songs and lyrics are created faster than ever, because in the year
year 2020, there is suddenly little else to do but write. The songs of the album are finally created
all in a 16sqm large rehearsal room and are also recorded there.

Anyone who has ever heard a LYGO song will quickly find their way around on "Lygophobia". Here also
nothing has to be reinvented. The magic of punk rock is and remains that you can also with only a guitar,
bass, drums and clever lyrics can make this big, complex world a bit more understandable. If
only for three minutes at a time.

But of course, LYGO have also tried new things since 2018's "Gravity." In "Commentary Column."
they set YouTube comments of sleep-disturbed people to music and dare mid-tempo, in "Ufer" there's finally a
guitar solo, "13 Hours of Sleep" opens with a piano.

"Lygophobia," this isn't a misplaced pun about being afraid of themselves as a band. It is a
term that LYGO stumbled upon by accident: it's the excessive fear of the dark. And although the
darkness in all its facets runs through the whole album, "Lygophobia" is anything but a
pessimistic record. It rather describes the way back into the light, as it is visualized by the artwork of the album.

This is punk rock, which nonchalantly slams in between AZ and club stage, so that one finally remembers again, why this music
why this music means the world to you.

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19,47 €


artheater Köln Ehrenfeldgürtel 127 50823 Köln

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