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NightWash Live

Ho Ho Ho,
from outside, from the forest they do not come here!
Nevertheless it becomes in the NightWash live, Christmas edition Christmas! NightWash host Luisa Charlotte Schulz and her sidekick Ben Schafmeister, together with the hottest comedians, bring you one of the funniest shows Santa Claus has ever seen!

Grab your candy canes and look forward to the most wonderful time of the year. NightWash is the cult brand for stand-up comedy in Germany. With almost 200 million views online and over 160 live shows per year in Germany, Switzerland and Belgium, NightWash is the most successful comedy brand in the German-speaking world. With our NightWash Talent Award, we discover new talents year after year and bring them onto the big stage. Newcomer or professional, NightWash has them all! Whether Felix Lobrecht, Carolin Kebekus, Chris Tall or Faisal Kawusi. All of them had one of their first appearances on NightWash. NightWash brings the freshest stand-up comedy of hip comedians and newcomers, surprising show interludes paired with the very best audience on stage. Each show is unique at the highest level. Here no eye remains guaranteed dry! Comedy of the extra class!


The following artists present a show that's a real show:

Luisa Charlotte Schulz
Luisa Charlotte Schulz has her hands full. Not only as an actress, singer, podcaster, comedienne and new host of NightWash. She's also doing her utmost to finally complete the project of becoming an adult - occasionally with rather moderate success. But if you really get your face kicked in every now and then, you can at least reflect on it afterwards. In any case, Luisa is a master at that, and often real flashes of inspiration come around the corner. In between, there's something useful in the advice books of the "self-optimization generation. Even her friends over 30 say: "We always thought adulthood was completely different..." That's why Luisa Charlotte Schulz does coming-of-age comedy: because someone has to do it. Finding one's own way while still putting up with society may not be fun - but it's extremely funny! The audience can expect comedy with a lot of speed, charm and the deep conviction: Everything will work out ! Somehow !

Ben Schafmeister
Cheeky, smart, authentic. At the age of 22, Ben makes jokes and writes songs about being different, getting older and the question of the meaning behind everything. Whether driving a cab with Tourette's, beating up mothers-in-law or getting locked on Tinder.... NightWash Talent Award finalist Ben Schafmeister is the new sidekick from the legendary comedy laundromat. Ben combines black humor with razor-sharp timing, unique charm and responsive audience interactions. And stays in your head. In the process, he plays with topics such as his illness, Tourette's syndrome, life as a single and the feeling of getting older, among others. 22 years old. 10 of them on stage. Whether with music and self-written songs or comedy: It is already clear that Ben belongs on stage.

Niclas Amling
Niclas Amling does stand up comedy. He is very funny.

Alicja Heldt
Alicja Heldt is loud, chaotic and funny. She was born in the noble city of Gdansk and grew up in Hamburg's problematic neighborhoods. The cheeky girl with Polish roots speaks hamburgisch, möwisch and ghettoisch. She is a buddy, a lady and a joker. Somehow all in one.
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Organizer: Gastro-Event GmbH / GLORIA
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