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The year is 2005 - Angela Merkel becomes German Chancellor, George W. Bush starts his second term of office and a band is formed in Munich to channel all this negative energy and turn it into some noise. From then on, they offer an independent interpretation of melodic, at times melancholic, Gainsville-style punk rock. United by their love of music and the wonderful feeling of celebrating on stage with people who have been in their hearts for so many years, Benny, Tom, Fonsi & Tim form the band ALL MY HATE FOR... (Source: Bandinfo)

Since 1998, THE RANCORS have been creating their own sound from various genres that punk rock has to offer. On the current album"Das letzte Lied der Zeit"(The Last Song of Time), darker sounds can be heard alongside hardcore and direct D-punk numbers. With clear but not blunt statements, the RANCORS follow in the footsteps of bands such as "Slime", "EA80" and "Torpedo Moskau". (Source: Bandinfo)

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Sunny Red Hansastraße 41 81373 München

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