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„Skeptischer Advent – was wissen wir wirklich über Weihnachten?“

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In the organizer's words:

"Skeptics in the Pub" is a British pub edutainment idea that has now found a home in Cologne. Viewers can expect an entertaining talk followed by a discussion in a relaxed atmosphere.

The series is organized by Kölner Skeptiker*innen. We are a community of like-minded people who want to engage with the world in a rational way based on scientific methods. Our goals are the promotion and dissemination of scientific methods, critical thinking and the skeptical examination of our society, as well as informal exchange in a convivial atmosphere.



Wednesday, 20.12.2023 at 19:30 at Herbrand's Ehrenfeld(

Dr. Claudia Preis: "Skeptical Advent - what do we really know about Christmas?"

On the topic:

Christmas and the lead-up to it have expanded from an originally deeply religious annual festival celebrated in Christian regions to a secularized and globalized celebration and gift-giving occasion. In line with this, misunderstandings, half-truths and fictions about the history of Christmas, its meaning and the "right" way to celebrate it are spreading. We approach these myths and questions, including but not limited to:
- Is Christmas actually pagan?
- Is it wrong for the Christ Child to be played by a girl?
- Who actually brings the presents?
- Does the "War on Christmas" really exist?
- Is it okay to let children believe in Santa Claus?
Feel free to bring your own questions and stories about the one true Christmas.


Dr. Claudia Preis is a cultural scientist, deputy chairwoman of GWUP e.V. and works for a large German insurance company when she is not dealing with myths of everyday life, historical conditionalities of cultural expressions and the spread of general understanding. She has a particular weakness for curiosities of all kinds, especially regional cryptozoology.

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Herbrand's Herbrandstraße 21 50825 Köln

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