soundings #039: Darya Gulyamova - (work)Flow: Formen, Farben, Bauchgefühl

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In the organizer's words:

In her home subculture, the demoscene, Darya Gulyamova combines programmed visuals and music to create so-called "demos": programs that can be executed on the computer, similar to a music video. But where others see a technical challenge and work with concrete concepts, for her the feel-good feeling is the top priority.

The demo scene is now recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in four countries (Germany, Poland, Finland and the Netherlands).

The "Show and Tell" VJ performance by Darya Gulyamova is an invitation to accompany her on her journey from the empty file to the harmony between the pixels and the music.

Darya is based in Hamburg, organizes the Evoke and Deadline demoparties, was awarded the Meteoriks Award as "Best Newcomer" in 2021.
Darya Gulyamova will give a workshop for students as part of the seminar "Sound-Image-Machines" the day before soundings.

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KHM Aula Filzengraben 4 50676 Köln

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