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In the organizer's words:


ZOMBIE SESSIONS is a concert series by musicians for musicians on a non-profit and DIY basis and has been pursuing the goal of creating fair performance opportunities and spaces for known and unknown music outside the mainstream since 2013. Across genres, the focus of the ZOMBIE SESSIONS is on the heavier varieties of rock (punk, hardcore, metal, noise, grunge, stoner, etc., or any sound that cannot be properly categorized as a genre), but jazz, pop and hip-hop, for example, have also been represented. ZOMBIE SESSIONS is not only a matter close to the hearts of the people behind it, but also an attempt to make a contribution to Munich's musical subculture and to network it with artists from all over Europe, both internally and externally. That's why the ZOMBIE SESSIONS are the perfect opportunity for music lovers to experience bands from Munich, Germany and abroad up close. The ZOMBIE SESSIONS invite you to immerse yourself in the relaxed, informal atmosphere and simply let yourself go at energetic, sweaty and sometimes overflowing concerts. With a low admission price, the ZOMBIE SESSIONS are also accessible to a wide audience. Musicians and guests can also look forward to being treated to a vegan and homemade meal by the ZS team. All artists and bands who would like to perform at the ZOMBIE SESSIONS should take a look at the band guide and contact so that the planning can begin...

...and then it's just a matter of waiting and drinking Spezi.


More about the bands:

TRIEBE ( with visuals by Danigore) the NoiseRock/DIY-Punk/VJ project from the sleaziest city in Germany. Schizophrenic songwriting between panic-chaotic subway scenes and sequenced steam machine rhythms tears at the polished clean-man attitude. Ecstatic, cynical, rage.

Your job is nerve-wrecking, your salary is like cotton candy in the rain and at home dark thoughts are eating their way into your last coils? With their new EP, TRIEBE sit down with you, hold your hand and defy everyday attrition with noise, screaming and danciness until things get a little bit better. You are not alone. (Source: organizer info)

FAB is an all female synth-punk band from Munich. Their songs are against mackers, dirty potatoes and for more Chardonnay in urine. Angry, political and danceable. (Source: band info)

SUPER SUSHI TOKIO is a new German-speaking 2-human noise punk project from Munich.
Starting as an irregular jam session during the pandemic, SUPER SUSHI TOKIO developed a real urge to write more songs about suffering, life, failure and new beginnings at every opportunity and to set them to music and scream them out again in front of an audience with their first own riffs and the reduction to the essentials - guitar, drums, vocals. Since the summer of 2021, they have been regularly creating German-language punk that swings up into noise fireworks or sometimes ends in twisted mid-tempo parts, that alternates linear beats with brute breaks, that marries playful riffing with excessive distortion and reverb and that sings about the eternally different everyday life of post-postmodernism in unaffected language. (Source: band info)

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Price information:

AK: 5 Euro


Sunny Red Hansastraße 41 81373 München

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