Spring-like weather (hopefully), four days off (at least for some of you) and therefore plenty of time for good things to do. We've put together a list of what's going on in Munich at Easter, what activities you can do with your visit and where an Easter brunch is particularly worthwhile.

Thursday, 14.04.2022

Good bakeries in Munich: 9 recommendations - Rausgegangen

Do you fancy an Easter lamb or another festive pastry and aren't a pro at baking it yourself? Then check out our bakery article. The Alof bakery, for example, has Easter breads on offer as well as pretty Easter lambs. If that doesn't sound like an excellent brunch prospect.

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12 small bars for a good evening

Do you want to toast the Easter weekend as a couple or in a smaller group? Always good, because then you can avoid the "where can we find a place" problem that we know so well, especially at the weekend, and head for smaller places. You can find out which Munich bars are not necessarily characterized by too much space, but all the more charm in this article.

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Friday, 15.04.2022

Art tips in July

Use the days off for a stroll through Munich's museums, because there really is a lot on offer there in April: Heidi is visiting the Jewish Museum, emancipatory art can be seen in the PLATFORM and experimental art can be heard in the Kunstbau of the Lenbachhaus. There are also two exhibitions on trans* culture to discover and it's getting foggy at Haus der Kunst.

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Minigolf in the Olympic Park

You have family or friends visiting and want to do something more exciting than just strolling around the usual parks? We suggest: Mini golf! The Olympic Park offers fun, games and sports with minigolf and pit-pat in the middle of the city - every day from 12:00 to 18:00. And admittedly, you do feel a bit like Tiger Woods when you master the course in two strokes.

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Spring hike to the Wildalpjoch

The Wildalpjoch in Bayrischzell is the perfect spring hike, as the path is almost completely sunny. Another plus point: you have a great view of the nearby Wendelstein opposite, but in contrast to this rather crowded summit, you can still enjoy the peace and quiet on the Wildalpjoch. So pack a bunch of good friends and a good snack and enjoy a day in the fresh mountain air.

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Saturday, 16.04.2022

Bike tours in Munich

Get your bike out of the cellar or free it from the Sahara dust! The weather is stable at the weekend, we've gone for enough walks over the winter and cycling is a good mood anyway. Don't know where to go? We've put together three routes to inspire you.

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11 breakfast tips for late risers

Having brunch at home is all well and good, but would you actually much rather sleep in and be served <a href="https://munichmag.de/eggs-benedict-muenchen" rel="None" target="_blank">Eggs Benedict &amp; Co</a>? We feel the same way. That's why we particularly appreciate cafés that serve long breakfasts. Here we reveal some of our favorites.

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Sunday, 17.04.2022

Monday, 18.04.2022

10 alternative parking ideas

Uff, Easter really is a time for a lot of eating. If you feel like getting some exercise in the fresh air in between, we have collected a few special ideas for you for going for a walk. Luckily, Munich has more to offer than the well-known walking oases. We present ten alternative park ideas to the English Garden &amp; Co.

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24/48/72 hours in Munich

So, have you had an Easter visit and are panicking about what to do with your parents, university friends, grandma, godchild or parents-in-law for the next 24, 48 or even 72 hours? We've been there. But don't panic - you've got us. Depending on how long your loved ones will be making themselves comfortable on your couch, we have divided our Munich tour into 24, 48 and 72 hours.

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