Die Lieben Löwen

In the organizer's words:

CHANCE OR DANGER @ Friday Night Music Club

Dirt. Fun. Strength.

"Refugees Welcome", "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" and something about Antifa are their slogans. With this breaking news and two, three concerts in three, four countries on the tour account, "Die Löwen" are the future of German-speaking punk rock -

over 1000 Facebook fans can't be wrong!

Music as dirty as the streets of the Nordstadt; lyrics as honest as the people in the Pott. But also outside of their home country: when these five musicians pick up their instruments, no eye stays dry, no stone is left unturned. Everyone dances wildly and screams loudly because they are having the time of their lives right NOW. Sometimes politically fresh, sometimes cheeky and not to be taken completely seriously. Jajaja, that's also what makes this band so unique: you meet the everyday madness with a hearty laugh - so that it also says in the future:

Nordtstadt remains stable, you stupid pig!

Actually they wanted to have rung in the sub.year, but then DIE PARTEI had decreed that only at the end of the season is PUNKtet. And so it is only now again very nice and also very, very good roar - here & today in the Friday Night Music Club #FNMC

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subrosa Gneisenaustr.56 44147 Dortmund

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